The library has three different reading rooms 1 in main Library, 1 reading room for B.Sc.I.T and Law students in the departmental library and 1 separate reading room for teachers.


By providing open access to the entire collection to all its members, the library offers complete access to treasure-house of information and reference literature. It helps the users to browse through at leisure and select the book of choice.



The library has a computerized catalogue of its entire collection which facilitates the users to search books via different access points like author, title, keyword, publisher in fraction of seconds. Web OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) also provides advanced searching and integrated searching such as Title+subject. The library uses a user friendly, menu driven, and interactive software i.e. SOUL 2.0 developed by INFLIBNET.



The library is already equipped with guidelines, displays, and the cheerful ready-to-help staff, which makes utilisation of the library an easy. In addition, Library Orientations are held for new students (especially for first year students) on a regular basis to make them aware about library’s activities/procedures as well as use of OPAC. Library is open for all suggestions, recommendations, etc. All the complaints are handled personally and immediately. Library orientation in PowerPoint format is available throughout the year on library terminals which guides the students about library and its services.



The library displays newly arrived books in a showcase. These are changed every month. Books related to specific themes are displayed on different occasions. Book jackets of reference books are also displayed on library notice board on regular basis.



Every year the library issues sets of textbooks to degree college students as well as Junior college students for a whole academic year to help socially and economically weaker sections. Book bank service is also provided to Physically challenged students.



Library organizes theme-wise displays, book exhibitions, every year.



Library provides information about different career opportunities on library notice board as well information about yearly competitive exams is also made available with all required details on library notice boards. Personal career guidance is also provided by the librarian to students on demand. Library also have a blog for providing career guidance



Monthly job recruitments are up-dated on library notice board as well as job watch board near the corridor of office. Library also created a facebook page where a job recruitments are updated monthly.



Library have a blog which is updated on regular interval and provide information on various aspects such as newly added books are highlighted on shelfari with the book reviews, useful links for students and researchers, information about library collection and rules and regulations, PPT of SOUL 2.0 OPAC user guide, library events. Library blog is searchable through search engine.