1. Admission to F.Y.B.A. / F.Y.B.Com. class will commence after the declaration of the H.S.C. Examination results. Admissions to other classes will start after the declaration of results of the respective qualifying examination.
  2. Any gap in the academic career of an applicant must be supported by documentary evidence.
  3. Students seeking admission should apply in person during the hours notified for the purpose.
  4. The admission of the candidate is made by the Principal or by a Professor In-charge / Supervisor.
    No admission shall be regarded as duly granted unless it is granted by the authority of the Principal and necessary fees have been received by the College. The Principal reserves the right to refuse admission to any student without assigning any reason there to.  In other words notwithstanding eligibility for admission, the Principal can refuse admission if the conduct of a student has not been up to the mark during the previous year.
  5. All admissions are valid only for one academic year and will have to be renewed by a fresh application for every subsequent year of study in the College.
  6. The student will have to confirm his/her admission by paying the required fees on the given day, failing which the admission will automatically stand cancelled.
  7. Admissions are provisional until Enrollment Certificate / Final Eligibility Certificate / Transfer Certificate is submitted to the College within the prescribed period as laid down by the University of Mumbai.
  8. Normally a student of this college who has qualified himself / herself for admission to a higher class will be admitted to such a class, provided an application for this purpose in the prescribed form, duly filled in has been received with necessary fees within the notified period, with three passport size photographs.
  9. Once a student is admitted to the college he/she shall be liable to pay the full fees for both the terms together.
  10. A student once admitted will be considered as duly enrolled for the academic year unless he/she informs the Principal in writing of his/her intention to leave the college at least a week before the commencement of the Second Terms. If such intimation is not received, full fees for the Second term will have to be forfeited.
  11. For admission to any class, it is necessary to produce in original, the following documents:
    1. The Passing Certificate of the last examination passed.
    2. Statement of Marks
    3. ‘No Objection Certificate’ from the Head of the Institution last attended in the case of the students joining S.Y./T.Y.B.Com. Class.
    4. ‘Transfer Certificate’ in case of students coming from other colleges affiliated to the University of Mumbai.
    5. ‘Eligibility Certificate’ in the case of students passing as Examination other than the H.S.C. Examination of the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education, Pune or an examination of any University other than the University of Mumbai as the case may be.

Eligibility Rules for Degree College

  1. Students who have passed the H.S.C. (XII) of the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education will be admitted to the First Year Class of the Degree College.
  2. Students who have passed H.S.C. examination from other Boards or equivalent examination will have to produce a provisional Eligibility Certificate obtained from University of Mumbai, Fort. They should then submit other certificates as required by the University of Mumbai before the end of the first term and obtain final eligibility certificate.  No student will be allowed to appear in the examination unless & until he obtains this certificate.